I long for no stranger’s demesne
for Uranos is my brother, a son of Earth like myself
the star-dappled heaven which I shall rule, the heaven which I shall live in, comes to me through my mother.

And cannibal Cronos I will drag up once more to the light, another brother, to help me in my task, out of the underground abyss
I will break those constraining chains, and bring back the Titans to heaven, and settle under the same roof in the sky the Cyclopes, sons of Earth. I will make more weapons of fire
for I need many thunderbolts, because I have two hundred hands to fight with, not only a pair like Cronides.

I will forge a newer and better brand of lightning, with more fire and flashes. I will build another heaven up aloft, he eighth, broader and higher than the rest, and furnish it with brighter stars
for the vault which we see close beside us is not enough to cover the whole of Typhon